Genital Aesthetics

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Genital Aesthetics

Any intervention that is performed on the genital area are within this scope. Not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse, not being able to orgasm, flatulation during intercourse, urinary incontinence and all problems in the vagina can be corrected with genital aesthetic operations. Retimed physicians are specialists in their fields, with whom you can easily share the problems and discomforts you experience, and who can decide on the most appropriate examination and treatment for you.

The goal of genital aesthetic operations on women is to restore women's deteriorated life standards and sexual lives to normal. An aesthetically pleasing genital area boosts a woman's self-esteem and makes her feel much happier in her relationship with her partner.

Genital Aesthetics Is Possible Without Surgery

If you are considering genital aesthetic procedures but are afraid of the process you will experience after the procedure, genital aesthetics is now painless and incision-free with the latest technology devices in Retimed clinics. This type of aesthetics is no longer an operation with our specialist physicians.  With laser and radiofrequency technologies, which are associated with non-surgical aesthetics, procedures can be performed in a short time. In this way, the loss of the work force and the long post-operative recovery period are also eliminated. Patients can quickly return to their social lives after the application.

What are Genital Aesthetic Surgeries?

Labiaplasty: It is inner and outer lip aesthetics.

Clitoral Hoodoplasty: It is performed as an operation to correct the folds on the clitoris.

Vaginoplasty: The surgical tightening of the vagina.

Laser Genital Bleaching: Vagina bleaching process.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation: laser vaginal rejuvenation and tightening application.

Labia Majora Injections: Filling of labia majora.

Labia Majora Aesthetics: It is an operation to reduce the labia majora by surgery.

Puboplasty- Venus Aesthetics: It is the pubis aesthetics.

It is Possible to Get Rid of Vaginal Sagging

The size and sagging of the outer and inner lips of the vagina are one of the most common genital aesthetic problems. Inner lips are curved structures that extend from the upper part of the clitoris to the bottom of the vaginal entrance. In some women, it is normal for the inner lips to protrude a little from the outer lips. However, although the inner lips being longer than the outer lips in a sagging form does not cause a medical problem, it takes the focus away from the aesthetic appearance and pushes women to seek solutions.

Laser Technology in Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening procedures can be performed with an intervention that takes 15-20 minutes without the need for general anesthesia. For patients who are anxious about surgical procedures, the laser vaginal tightening procedure in our clinics is an extremely comfortable, painless method that creates the desired effect. In individuals with such complaints, vaginal tightening surgery both provides psychological relief and eliminates problems such as sexual reluctance as a result of loosening.

Genital Area Bleaching

In the genital area, darkening occurs in the inner and outer lips over time due to sexual intercourse and hormones. Women may experience aesthetic discontent and dissatisfaction as a result of this situation. The vagina returns to its original color, after the procedure applied.

Laser Comfort to Urinary Incontinence

Excessive number of births and advancing age cause weakening of the connective tissue supporting the bladder and bladder neck. In this case, many people commonly experience urinary incontinence. Laser applications activate the connective tissue that supports the bladder and bladder neck, thereby resulting in tightening and regeneration in this area. With a painless procedure, most of the patients get rid of this problem with the first application. In some cases, second and third applications may be required. This is decided by your physician.

Clitoral Hood Reduction (Clitoris Aesthetics)

The clitoral hood is the skin tissue that surrounds and covers the clitoris, which is an extremely sensitive and stimulating erectile tissue for women.

This skin tissue can sometimes be structurally large, excessive and/or multifold. This prevents the clitoris from being stimulated. This reason may cause displeasure during sexual intercourse. In addition, it can create discomfort for women both visually and hygienically.

Clitoral hood reduction is the surgical correction of the length and tag of the skin folds on the clitoris. As a result, a more aesthetic result is obtained by removing the wrinkle on the clitoris.

Vaginoplasty with Hyaluronic Acid

It is a non-surgical technique. Generally, if there is a little looseness in the vagina, this procedure can be applied and satisfactory results are obtained. Apart from this, this procedure can be applied to people who do not have any physical problems and who have more expectations in terms of sexuality, in line with their demands, with the joint decision of the physician and the patient.

In this procedure, a minimal tightening of the vagina is achieved by injecting hyaluronic acid into the vaginal wall. The duration of hyaluronic acid is 8 to 10 months. Due to the pressure applied to the vaginal wall as a result of sexual intercourse, this effect may last only 6 months.

Perineum Aesthetics

Perineum; It is the genital area between the vagina and the anus. The correction of the stitches put at birth and making them more aesthetically correct is called perineoplasty (Perineal aesthetics). As a result of the irregular incisions made with scissors for the baby's head to come out easily during normal delivery, it can cause many psychological and physical disorders in the patient after normal birth.